Landlord v. Bernard Goetz

I’m representing Bernie Goetz in an eviction case brought by his landlord, Courtney House, LLC. They claim Bernie has a squirrel or rat or something and that he has to get rid of it or else they will terminate his lease. This case was started in March, 2015 in the Housing Court in New York County, part of the Civil Court.

Housing Court is definitely unlike Supreme Court, where you have lots of time to do everything. That’s because this is what’s called a “Summary Proceeding” under Article 4 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules (“CPLR”). This is another way to say things are supposed to move fast.

The landlord begins their case by serving a predicate notice, either to “terminate” or to “cure.” Then the landlord serves and files its petition, called a holdover petition. The petition states a bunch of legal stuff but the real meat the landlord alleges is contained in the notice. Here’s the notice Bernie received from his landlord.

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