Sibrian v. Cento Fine Foods, Inc. – 2:19-cv-00974-JS-GRB – First Amended Complaint

Plaintiff, by its attorneys, alleges upon information and belief, except for allegations pertaining to plaintiff, which are based on personal knowledge:

  1. Cento Fine Foods, Inc. (“defendant”) manufactures, grows, harvests distributes, markets, labels and sells canned tomatoes from Italy labeled as “Certified San Marzano” under the Cento brand name (“Products”) in tin cans in sizes including, but not limited to, 28 oz.

  2. The Products are available to consumers nationwide from third-party retailers, including brick and mortar and online stores, restaurants and directly available through defendant’s.

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Article 78 FOIL Request – Reply Papers

After filing a petition on a Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”) Request, the State, through one of the attorneys in the Attorney General’s office, will respond to you. Then you will submit a reply affirmation.  It is amazing the amount of effort that is often put in trying to protect documents that have no real confidential information in them.

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Fighting an H-1B Visa Application in District Court

If you’re reading this, you may have googled “H-1B visa court.” Sometimes the immigration practitioner feels he or she has had enough of the run-around from one of our nation’s immigration agencies and decides to go to Court to obtain relief on a non-immigrant employment application, otherwise known as an H-1B visa.

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Article 78 to Enforce FOIL Request against Department of Environmental Conservation

When the government doesn’t respond to your Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”) request, you may need to bring an Article 78 proceeding to compel them to do so.

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Service of Process on U.S. Attorney General

I’m writing this post because it was something I had to dig into. In a lawsuit in a federal court, where you are suing an agency, corporation, officer or employee of the United States, the steps to follow to properly serve the governmental agency, corporation, officer or employee can be complicated. It’s easy to miss one of the steps and have your case dismissed. No plaintiff wants that.

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Packrats, Hoarding and a “Collyer Condition”

Most people know what a “Collyer’s Condition” is even if they never heard the term before. They know it as hoarding. I think most people could see a house or apartment and make a quick conclusion whether or not the person who lives there is in fact a hoarder.

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Revealing the people behind a limited liability company

In the last post I talked about why my subpoena to a formation agent (this is not an official term like registered agent and is a general way to refer to the companies which will set up a business for you by carrying out the requisite filings) contained the requests it did.

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Subpoena to uncover limited liability company

The previous post discussed the “secrecy” which a limited liability company (LLC) enjoys. I included a subpoena to a third-party company that sets up LLCs for people. That subpoena requested all of the contact information possessed by the third-party formation agent.

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Requests for Admission in Housing Court

It’s believed that 90% of tenants in landlord-tenant cases brought in the Housing Courts of the Civil Courts of New York are unrepresented.  The reasons are obvious – lawyers aren’t cheap. And I’d guess but I don’t know that most people brought into Housing Court aren’t in the best financial situation. Many of them may live in rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartments that the landlords want to take back and rent out at market rate.

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