Service of Process on U.S. Attorney General

I’m writing this post because it was something I had to dig into. In a lawsuit in a federal court, where you are suing an agency, corporation, officer or employee of the United States, the steps to follow to properly serve the governmental agency, corporation, officer or employee can be complicated. It’s easy to miss […]

Packrats, Hoarding and a “Collyer Condition”

Most people know what a “Collyer’s Condition” is even if they never heard the term before. They know it as hoarding. I think most people could see a house or apartment and make a quick conclusion whether or not the person who lives there is in fact a hoarder.

Revealing the people behind a limited liability company

In the last post I talked about why my subpoena to a formation agent (this is not an official term like registered agent and is a general way to refer to the companies which will set up a business for you by carrying out the requisite filings) contained the requests it did.