Requests for Admission in Housing Court

It’s believed that 90% of tenants in landlord-tenant cases brought in the Housing Courts of the Civil Courts of New York are unrepresented.  The reasons are obvious – lawyers aren’t cheap. And I’d guess but I don’t know that most people brought into Housing Court aren’t in the best financial situation. Many of them may live in rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartments that the landlords want to take back and rent out at market rate.

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Limited Liability Companies and Diversity Jurisdiction

If you’re a defendant and the plaintiff is a limited liability company and you get dragged into federal court based on diversity jurisdiction (28 U.S.C. § 1332), make sure you’re not there through crafty attempts at forum manipulation.

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Landlord v. Bernard Goetz

I’m representing Bernie Goetz in an eviction case brought by his landlord, Courtney House, LLC. They claim Bernie has a squirrel or rat or something and that he has to get rid of it or else they will terminate his lease. This case was started in March, 2015 in the Housing Court in New York County, part of the Civil Court.

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Serve a subpoena to get cell phone records

every single theme and option, it would give me a good excuse to never produce or write anything.

My goal here is to write things and provide documents that may be useful to people searching the internet.  One of the biggest problems I’ve had as a lawyer is in finding templates of legal documents.  Sure, it’s not hard to find motions and complaints online, but it gets difficult the more specific the type of document or case you’re looking for.

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