Meta Post – What this Site is About

Having read through many sites maintained by attorneys, I always thought I could do something similar. Whenever I encounter a legal issue I hadn’t yet dealt with, my first action is to head to Google. From there, depending on what I search for, I come across case law, statutes and useful commentary by other attorneys. Many lawyers offer valuable information that I use to handle my situation or serve as a guide for what I should focus my search on.

What I intend to do with this site is provide materials and insight that are useful to people. Often, the materials will include documents I had to create for different types of cases which I was unable to find on my own.  Many types of documents I’ve had to prepare were done from scratch. While I’ve taken bits and pieces of documents already existing when I could find them, I’ve modified them heavily. I intend to provide those documents in Word and PDF form. No licenses, Creative Commons or otherwise, is applied by me to any documents I post on this site. No watermarks will be applied to the documents that would limit their use by anyone else. No log-in or registration for an email newsletter is required.

In addition to documents, I hope to be able to provide useful commentary and analysis on areas of the law. I will try not to post things that are completely duplicative of what can be found elsewhere on the internet. While anyone who writes something generally relies upon what they have seen and absorbed and learned elsewhere, it’s my intent to provide things that add value to the reader.

So this is a “meta” post in that it describes what my aims and objectives are. These may change at some point but for now I have a clear path I intend to pursue.